Just had an informal tasting with my wife and I and the tasting notes are informal as well. The 5 ryes in order were...

Michters single barrel
Rittenhouse BIB
Van Winkle FRR
Michter's 10 year old single barrel
Baby Saz

We both noticed alot of similiarities between the Michter's sb vs. the RRBIB and also between the VWFRR and the Michter's 10 year. Maybe the same whiskies??
The winner of the evening was the Baby Saz.
While the rye spiciness was evident in the first two, the whiskey wasn't nearly as complex as the next two. The only drawback of the VWFRR and the Michter's 10 year was a bit more burn but the flavors were vey intense and stood up to a little added water.
The Baby Saz was well balanced between smoothness and flavor.
I think I'll definitely be adding some more Baby Saz to the bunker and I love the old "back bar" style bottle.