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Thread: Distinct Flavor

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    Re: Distinct Flavor

    Quote Originally Posted by ILLfarmboy View Post
    To me, Beam Black and Booker's are closer than Booker's and KC.

    I get a coco-cola element to the nose in Beam whiskeys. It is barely present in OGD, more in the 114 than BIB.
    I also get that chocolate note in JBB.
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    Re: Distinct Flavor

    Quote Originally Posted by ErichPryde View Post
    TBoner, I've read the same thing about OGD. While much of the other whiskey that Jim Beam purchased from National Distillers was switched over to the standard Jim Beam mashbill and yeast, Old Grand-dad got to keep its own.

    Cowdery writes "but for Old Grand-dad [Beam] would continue to make the Old Grand-dad formula..." page 213 of Bourbon, Straight.

    This eliminates yeast and mashbill (unless you are in fact, getting a slight amount of the beam yeast in OGD? doubt it). Water logged oak flavor...?
    I think I am tasting the "funk" I hear others talk about. It's not a bad or off flavor funk. And it's not always there. Regardess, I am enjoying all of them. Maybe the OGD BIB most because of the value.

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    Cool Re: Distinct Flavor

    Quote Originally Posted by jburlowski View Post
    I also get that chocolate note in JBB.
    I have only had JBB once, but to me I perceived it more as "dark fruits", maybe black cherry. But, very subtle.

    This is a very good thread.

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    Re: Distinct Flavor

    Even though there are many differences, there are several "common threads" that could be providing the tasting hints in common:

    1. Grains ... even though they are different mash bills, they still use the same corn, rye, and malt supply ... jsut in differing amounts.

    2. Water ... they use the same water supply.

    3. Barrles/maturation warehouses ... although there could be differing proofs and locations, the barrels themselves and the general warehouse locations are the same.

    4. Equipment ... they use much of the same processing equipment.

    Perhaps this is a bit of terroir for the Jim Beam distilleries (at Clermont and Boston) ... or maybe it's just one of them ... and that's why it doesn't seem to be completely uniform.

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    Re: Distinct Flavor

    I know the flavor/funk you are talking of, I've gotten it from most of the Beam products, thinking back OGD 114 included. It seems to me to be a little bit of a malty thing, might go back to the common grain source/storage.
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