Ok, so I made the mistake of reading through the forum frequently before actually diving into the bourbon world head first. While this has enabled me to pick up some outstanding bourbon right off the bat (PVW 15, PVW 20, GTS, Lot B, and 3 bottles of ORVW 15), it's also led me to being straight broke. I'm a newlywed and I need to find some good inexpensive pours before my wife kills me. I know there are plenty of 'daily pour' threads on the forum, but it seems like prices have gone up and some aren't really 'daily pours' anymore. I know all these bourbons can be had for under $25 in my area:

1. Elmer T. Lee
2. Wild Turkey 101
3. Old Weller Antique
4. Buffalo Trace
5. Old Grand Dad BIB
6. Elijah Craig 12
7. Kentucky Vintage (<----I'm interested to see where this KBD offering stands up to the rest, I saw it for $22 recently)
8. Four Roses Yellow Label
9. Evan Williams Single Barrel

From your experience, how would you put them in order from top to bottom? If you have any other personal favorites feel free to add them to your list of course.

in advance!