I sort of derailing the "what did you have pass up thread", so I figured I would move the fun part over here...

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I went a little bourbon crazy with all the fall releases last year and my wife kind of gave me "the look" about slowing down.
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A lot of us know all about "the look" Rich. A pretty common occurrence around my household. Joe
Ah yes..... Stage 1: The Look

Stage 1: The Look "huh?"
Stage 2: The little comments "where are you going to put those?"
Stage 3: More direct comments "you'll never drink all of that!" & "Dusty hunting... what?"
Stage 4: Concerned for your safety "what do you mean your going to go to a function with people you met on line!!???"
Stage 5: Confusion "There are others worst than you?"
Stage 6: Acceptance "Well, they are nice people and it is just a hobby"
Stage 7: Concede, resign, and surrender "OK, you can buy as much as you want. This stuff is great!!! And you should start planning for those two trips to Kentucky and the one down to Houston. Cannot wait to go meet everyone again"

I have not gotten through Stage 6 completely... but I am trying hard

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You're way ahead of me Em...I'm somewhere between stage 2 and 3...she doesn't know exactly how much I have so I haven't gotten the comment of you'll never drink all that. I have gotten the "spending more money on bourbon?" comment though! I think I've found my way around that though...the answer is to trade or buy from independent people so she doesn't see the Binny's receipt or debit on my account! I've now gone 8 days without buying anything from Binny's...my goal is to only buy on their quarterly sale day! Somehow I'm not sure I'll make it to the next one in May!
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I went through stage 1-6 OCT 2008 - 1 JAN 2009.

Stage 1/2: Came back from Iraq to a bunch of Bourbon I bought online (OCT 08)
Stage 3: When I had to move from a two shelf closet to a bookshelf full of bourbon. (DEC 08)
Stage 4: Driving down to AZ on my way to TX (DEC 08)
Stage 5: When we walked into your bunker (DEC 31, 08)
Stage 6: Jan 1, 2009 as we are driving away from Vail AZ

Still waiting on Stage 7, however Jen is going to Houston with me so maybe I will complete stage 7 in May.
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I am at stage 7. The wife and I just did our 2nd at home blind tasting of 4 different bourbons last night. We both got all correct. She is excited about the Houston trip. She knows there are people worse than me, but has only met Mozilla. She's thinks he's got a bourbon buying problem. Wait till she meets some of you. Although we cannot afford to buy anymore bourbon as of right now, she has not told me to stop. That was my decision.
...and Don, as long as you still think you're in cotrol, that is what counts