In Louisville there is in progress a Distillery warehouse fire . 2 alarm in Shively . They did not say whose it is , The area is near Stitzel Weller and Brown Forman

From the 84 WHAS Newsroom...
(Louisville, KY) -- Fire Crews from Louisville and Shively are on the scene of a warehouse fire near Seventh Street and Arcade. It is reported an old distillery warehouse caught fire shortly after 4:30pm Sunday. There are no reports of injuries. No has there been a cause for the fire

This is Brown Forman end of town , it is a good way over to Limestone lane where Stitzel Weller is at. Yellowstone had a Distillery near here, they ceased operating in 1990, but I think all of it has been removed. I'll check the news in a bit , Maybe this building was empty, we can hope.