What's interesting is that no one is really saying anything. I don't know Meredith Moody, but her quote is virtually identical to the one I got from my contact.

The article makes it sound like KDA is sitting on a big tub of money, but it lists $211,000 in annual expenses, and that doesn't include staff salaries, rent, etc., so having $500,000 in the bank doesn't seem strange to me. But that's what happens when nobody is providing context, the press just reports whatever random facts they can find.

It also gets the facts wrong in the last paragraph. Sazerac and BT have been one in the same since Sazerac bought the Frankfort distillery 20 years ago. The $334 million was what Sazerac paid for the Constellation assets, which was 2009. I'm not sure what, if anything, happened in 2002.