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    Seagram's 7 Dark Honey

    Looks like Seagram's is chiming in with one of their own:

    Seagram's 7 Dark Honey
    (as seen on LiquorSnob)

    Can't tell from the label if this is "infused" or has something
    "added" but the reviewer is probably correct in that it's aimed
    at the Red Stag crowd.

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    Re: Seagram's 7 Dark Honey

    Bartender. Yes sir I'd like your finest bourbon , and a shot of your finest Canadian for my friend. Stag ? Yeah the red one...oh and that dark Seagrams. We only drink it straight. Give it to me neat sir. Thanks.

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    Re: Seagram's 7 Dark Honey

    It is correctly being marketed as a liqueur just like American Honey. No lies like from Beam.

    Edit: Well, I guess I could be wrong. Looking it up again it seems that they want to say it is whiskey which is not how I had first been told. It's blended stock so I have no idea what the rules for them are.
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    Re: Seagram's 7 Dark Honey

    Liqueur is defined in TTB regs. If the product doesn't meet the standard for a liqueur, marketing is as such would be improper.
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    Re: Seagram's 7 Dark Honey

    Look, I think that Red Stag tastes like cough syrup too, but there are good whiskey-based liqueurs. Take Drambuie for instance. Or heck, Irish Creme.



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