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    Re: New Whiskey Site

    Shipping from that part of the country can pose some tricky legal issues. Sounds like he has possibly found a way to ship some items from a specific category of product. I understand his taking it slowly and being careful. I suggest we work within his requirements if we want this resource to continue to be available. I have long wished that I was able to order from some of the stores in that area that stocked items impossible to get here and it is exciting that there may finally be a way to access some of the best of it.

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    Re: New Whiskey Site

    Very nice site. I agree $50 for a case seems high but if they don't collect sales tax for out of state shipments then the bottom line price might be pretty decent.

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    Re: New Whiskey Site

    Thought I'd follow up with a report on the nice service I
    received from TPS. I ordered a couple of the AAA and
    a Sazerac Rye on 2/13 and it arrived on 2/17.

    I look forward to ordering from them again in the future!



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