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Thread: Favorite Gin?

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    Re: Favorite Gin?

    Bump on a Log
    An unambitious drink, to be taken Neat. Appropriate for out behind the dumpster.

    • 1 bottle "Bumpy" (Seagram's Extra Dry Gin)

    • Lift bottle to lips
    • Tilt bottle

    Paper bag optional.

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    Re: Favorite Gin?

    Bump of Direction - AKA Compass Rose
    A drink that shows cardinal directions and frequently intermediate direction.

    • 2 jiggers "Bumpy" (Seagram's Extra Dry Gin)
    • 4 Red Raspberries
    • 2 Rose Petals
    • 1 oz Lemon Juice
    • 3/4 oz Simple Syrup
    • Splash of Sparkling Water
    • Crushed Ice
    In a mixing glass, muddle the raspberries. Add the rest of the ingredients and shake thoroughly, without ice. Pour the contents into a tall Collins glass filled with crushed ice. The raspberries should rise and mound at the top of the glass.

    Garnish with Rose petals.

    The Best Whisk(e)y in the World is called

    Kentucky Bourbon!!

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    Re: Favorite Gin?

    The Country Bumpkin

    1 part Corn whiskey
    1 part Seagram's Extra Dry Gin
    tsp of maple syrup
    Sprig of Hay

    Muddle hay and crushed ice.
    Add the whiskey, gin, and syrup.
    Stir then strain into a small mason jar.

    Drinking with a blade of grass dangling from the side of mouth, optional.
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    Re: Favorite Gin?

    A bespoke bumper of bibulous bounty: Bols gin, Boru vodka, Bokker's bitters, bacon bits, broken ice.


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    Re: Favorite Gin?

    Quote Originally Posted by Rughi View Post
    Unfortunately, Mrs. Rughi put me on notice that I'd better quit fooling around with more cheap or pricey bottles and get Gilbeys, like she likes. It's not about about cost or variety it's about the junipers!


    Actually, I prefer Boodles or the knock off version Boords. Gilbeys is okay, but a bit pedestrian.

    And, yes, it must have some assertiveness. We had a bottle of Plymouth recently and it was disappointing. I believe I muttered "gin for vodka drinkers" on several occasions. Hmmm, maybe muttered isn't exactly right . . .

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    Re: Favorite Gin?

    Plymouth Navy Strength; my favorite for a martini. The regular is fine too.
    Hendricks; w/ tonic and a slice of cucumber.
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    Re: Favorite Gin?

    I was initially not a big fan of gin, but it's starting to win me over... I really actually like a drink that some people think is the pre-cursor to the Martini which is called a Martinez...

    I am not sure if it's juniper based but I dig Plymouth.

    I am also not sure if Hendrick's is juniper based (my guess is no? because it seems more mellow and has that cucumber thing going on...) is another favorite also.

    I think I make a decent Martini, but they for some reason always seem to knock me on my a$$!!! I can't have many of them, so I don't really make them much...
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    Re: Favorite Gin?

    Quote Originally Posted by imbibehour View Post
    I think I make a decent Martini, but they for some reason always seem to knock me on my a$$!!!...
    Then you must be making them right.

    The token "whisper" of vermouth is there to give the very civilized name of dry martini to what would otherwise be cold gin.



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