I stumbled across this forum a few days ago. A recent trip to Bourbon and Branch in San Francisco introduced me to several new bourbons I had never seen in my local liquor store and I've been trying to find new things to taste since.

I've been searching the forum for the questions below, but maybe someone can point me in the right direction.

- Any bars in western Washington that have a good selection of bourbon? I really like to try a glass of something before I buy an entire bottle. ZigZag has a pretty good list, I'm trying to find others.

- Any recommendations for web sites to order from? dandm.com had no problem shipping spirits. But others have been hit or miss. It sounds like the law for WA has just changed.

- Anyone buy "collectable" bottles from eBay? (As in drink their contents even though eBay makes sellers say it's not intended to be consumed)

(PS, any like minded software engineers in the area?)