It's getting a bit harder to come up with ideas for a BOTM. What few suggestions I've received were for bourbons that have already been BOTM. I was having a tough time picking one for this month till I received a package in the mail yesterday. I was gifted a couple of bottles of Ezra B 12 Year Old Single Barrel by a fellow SBer. Since this hasn't been BOTM before, the BOTM for this month is Ezra B 12 Year Old Single Barrel.

Putting my own two cents in here, I like this bourbon. It's pretty darn tasty. Nosing this bourbon, I get some smoke. There's some smoke in the taste too, along with a bit of a medicinal alcohol/cloves flavor, and a slight cinnamon flavor that reminds me of Dentyne gum. The finish is not overpowering, but it's no pushover either. No burn, just a very satisfying warming that lingers a while, as does the taste. For me this 99 proofer hits a nice spot.

So, let's hear your opinions. Let us know what you think. Cheers, and happy posting.