It's to bad that there is not a way to find out the distributor(s) for the different brands .....For example I wanted some Old Rip Van Winkle 107 10 yr , their site was good enought to list their distributor(s) by state (MA).
With that information I was able to have my liquior store call in an order, ....after 2 week wait I have 4 bottles out of the case that he ordered .
Now a friend on mine was also in the hunt for ORVW 107 10 yr, he did the same thing asked his liquior store operator to order some , ,,but he also called the distributor and found out that the only case of ORVW 107 10yr that was available had been hand delivered to , as it turns out , my liquior store . Of coarse he went right over and got the first bottle out of the case and told my Store Owner he would call me to let me know it was in for him ,, (nice friend )... At least he did call me , .
Now does any of you have a way of tracking how the brands of bourbon get to the distributors so if some one wants a special brand they have a way of pointing the store owner in the right direction ?
Bill G,
With many thanks to all who post , I have learned more here in one hour of reading the posts than the many years of drinking bourbon that I have enjoyed,