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"Our stuff is allright, but you'd be better off buying our competitors product."

Sounds like a winner of an advertising campaign.

Joe - You put into much better words what I was thinking. It seems like people are more upset by the fact that they have had success, and that they personally don't think they are the best, than any huge problem with the product itself.

Sounds to me like they have just had good luck with their marketing schemes. Money well spent.
Joe & Inthewater-

you two are absolutely correct, they absolutely should not suggest that their stuff is sub-par. Advertising your product as the best is very common practice, and ultimately there's nothing wrong with it.

There business strategy is sound, and it works wonders for them. I am not upset that they are a successful company.

They have been a one-horse parade for a long time, and when they have done any sort of special edition, it has almost always been a label or wax color change only. I genuinely want to see a maker's mark product that gives something like PVW15 a run for its money.

and as for the maker's fanatics- I guess I've just been lucky enough to meet a couple. the most extreme one worked for boeing in wichita, and other than the bread argument, they also tried to convince me that maker's mark was pretty much the only bourbon still actually made in kentucky. Now, whether or not that particular person got those ideas from maker's ad campaign or not is certainly debatable- perhaps they got their mis-information somewhere else and it wasn't really maker's fault at all.

mad props to a company that knows how to use marketing to corner the market share! I've got nothing but respect for them for that. Hopefully this new incarnation of their whiskey will be as amazing as I could hope for.