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    Re: White and Proud of it...

    Quote Originally Posted by fishnbowljoe View Post
    You just never know about these things. I am originally from Indianapolis Indiana. There is a small town/village on the far north side of Indy. Carmel Indiana. Their high schools sports teams are called the Carmel Greyhounds. A guy opened a bar/pub there called The Greyhound Bar and Grill, or The Greyhound Pub IIRC. The Greyhound bus company pitched a fit and filed a lawsuit. That was that. No more Greyhound Pub. Joe
    Good for them. F!#$ Carmel! And Fishers for that matter! Oh and you too, Noblesville! Hell, all Hamilton County can bite me.
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    Re: White and Proud of it...

    Back on the subject of white whiskey, Koval is in my neighborhood. I visited them last week. Read all about it here.



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