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    What wine are you drinking? Winter/Spring 2010

    Time to revive this sucker...

    Today, finished what was left of something I had never had before (no not Laid's) it was a Montenegrin red wine, made from the Vranac grape indeginous to the Balkans. Nice dry red, 2005, well under $15. It's called Plantaze, from the Lake Skadar region, wherever that is.

    Then, of course, I had to open something else. So I did. It is a souvenir from a trip up to Old Mission Peninsula, north of Traverse City, Michigan. Chateau Chantal, Proprietor’s Reserve (CCPR?), 2007 Pinot Gris.

    WOW. Buttery, dry, golden yellow, perfect age, great vintage. I usually don't drink Alsatian/German-style whites in the winter, but this wine is full-bodied enough to hold its own against March 1.

    What are you drinking?
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