I had the pleasure of assisting Mr. Phil Prichard host a tasting at my hotel here in PA. The General Manager of my hotel is a fan of his products, thus he has been up here several times.

Anyway, the last time he was here, he allowed me a sip of a new product of his-- a single-malt Whiskey, matured in both new oak and refill casks.

Take a single malt Irish whiskey, like Bushmills 10-year or Tyrconnell, then give it a more substantial oak presence (but still noticeably less than most bourbons) and you'll get the idea. His product has been distilled in his own custom-made copper pot still that he has been using for his rums, and, recently, his whiskeys.

Overall, I thought it was pretty enjoyable, and can't wait until it's released!

By the way, he's also working on a Tennessee whiskey. He shared a few interesting little secrets about it to me that make me really look forward to sipping bottle after bottle of it, and making Jack Daniels guys turn green with envy!