I've been an an email distribution list for Detroit-area estate sales for a year or so now. It's pretty slow in the chillier months, so I don't always make it out to them. But I'm glad I made it to this one. I managed to drag a friend who was playing hooky from work along with me, too.

The guy who owned the place (we think his name was Eben Fridenburg) was some sort of liquor-industy PR guy with a connection to Hiram Walker Co. There was some very nice Canadian Club stuff, including a set of 20 crystal tumblers with the CC logo on them, a similar set of Lauder's Scotch glasses and many others with similar logos. Oh and two CC beltbuckles.

Anyway, I left the CC stuff behind but I did get a nice Bourbon Deluxe 8 y/o pitcher, an Early Times KSBW deck of cards, and a couple books.

One of them was a Beam decanter price guide, 1970-1971 edition by Al Cembura and Constance Avery, filled with a bewildering assortment of decanters. I don't personally collect these things, but I thought somebody out there in SB land might and might be interested in this book. If you are, pm me.

But the coolest find was the 1966 edition of Review's Who in the Liquor Industry. It's a typical "who's who" sort of book with headshots and short bios of various mucky-muckys in the liquor industry at the time.

Names I recognized were: Jere Beam, Geo. Garvin Brown II (+Robinson, Martin & W.L. Lyons Brown Jr. & Sr.), a grinning Oscar Getz with a David Niven mustache, Wathen Medley with a Col. Sanders tie, D. Evans Motlow, Julian VW, Thompson Willet, David Sherman Jr. looking hunky, and a photo of Irving Q. Diageo in scuba gear. I may have made up that last one. There is a section in the back with photos of outstanding NWAABI officers as well, including a Mrs. Julia L Weller, wife of Louis Weller (of those Wellers?).

For entertainment value, there were some fun ads in there too. I'll fire up the old scanner and post some of the more interesting ones in the next week or so. If you're interested in anybody who may be in the book, let me know, too. It includes people in the publishing, PR, and sales areas too.