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    Hello from Michigan

    Over the years, I've developed some preferences, but realized around a week ago, I've just stumbled on them by chance.

    For example, I've never had Wild Turkey! I can't honestly say I've done the due diligence.

    So I'm starting over, with the basics, then as I finish one bottle, I'll move on to the next. I'm looking for a group that might share my interest, hope I find here.

    I was once a fan of TN whiskey, but now, I think due to the Lincoln County Process (charcoal filter) I can become sick just by the taste (maybe I just over consumed in my youth with Jack, and it is a Pavlov’s dog situation).

    So far it has been simple. Jack Daniels #7 vs Johnnie Walker red vs Jim Beam.

    Jim's Bourbon has been the winner, however red has a way of perfectly preparing my palate for Jim.

    This has been the first time I've ever purchased a bottle of red, and overall, it is not that bad. I'm a regular with Johnnie black. Love the black. It has been around two years since I've had Dewar's White. I think I prefer Dewar's white more than Johnnie red. Other than to compare, I may never buy a bottle of red again. Red had one redeeming quality, it has a way of perfectly preparing my palate for bourbon (however, that may be the case with any scotch).

    In the following weeks, I need to try George Dickel and maybe something like Gentleman Jack. This would take TN whiskeys off the list. I will need to finish off what is in the inventory first. More likely once a month, I'll try something new, but will make an exception for most shot / mini-bottles (50 ml) I find and St Patrick's Day (demands a Bushmills vs Jameson).

    So, that sums up where I am after 1 week. Hopeful as I go with my first hand experience, either past posting, or just replys to what I post, might provide some insights.
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