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    Skip the bottom shelf?

    Over the years, I've developed some preferences, but realized around a week ago, I've just stumbled on them by chance.

    It may sound structured, but I've given myself a few rules. Finish what is open, test one or two new bottles / brands at a time.[/font]
    This does not include the four or so I tend to have on hand. Right now (I'm not sure if it is good or not, but it is what I like)thats Jim Beam black, Johnnie Walker black, Glenlivet, and a misc. Canadian or TN whiskey I'll buy for cocktails or parties.

    I know many are not bourbons, but I feel the need to give every whiskey a chance. I enjoy bourbons the most, but prefer scotch to start the evening, then move to bourbon. It is not that I like scotch more (or think scotch is not as good), I just enjoy bourbon after a scotch (or so I think).

    I'm thinking start out with the basics, never know what gem you might pass up. Budget is a little limited (say $75 a month). I drink (sip) around once or twice a week.

    Should I just go for the good stuff, or should I take a while and try it all? [/font]
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