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    Hello all, allow me to introduce myself.

    I've been enjoying Bourbon for years. Started with Makers Mark, then moved through the various standards--Blantons, Booker Noe, etc--before settling on Knob Creek as a "daily drinker".

    I always figured that Bourbon was pretty corporate, with no small independent producers, so I just bought what I could find locally. Knob Creek is good, so I was happy.

    My father lives in Bardstown and occasionally sends me bottles for my birthday. Sent me a pappy something once, which tasted like wood chips.

    But for Xmas last year, he sent me a bottle of Willett Family Estate Single Barrel 18y.o. 118.4 proof. Wow is this something special. The first Bourbon I've ever has that was in a class with serious Armagnac, Cognac and Scotch. So I'm here for research--to learn what's what and to hopefully understand how to find more Bourbons that are like that!
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