Cool spring day, I decided to try my new bottle of Monkee Shoulder...a triple malt (malt blend).

"Three of Speyside finest malts" ( Kininvie, Balvenie and Glenfiddich)
Honey-orange-tea color

Nose...soft, I detect a little more bourbon vanilla notes than sherry nut (but it is present), pear-honey like note, barley and maybe a soft citrus note at the end.

*other reviewers detect pear, cinnamon, butterscotch etc."
Or...bananas, chocolate, wood spice, orange"
I don't claim a nose or palate for 12 different scent/flavor notes like some seem to. With the power of suggestion one can find them.

Taste...soft, pleasant, smooth, sweetish but dry, a short finish.
If you enjoy Glenfiddich / Glenlivet but want a less expensive bottle this is a good choice. It has a little more complexity from the 3 ma
I don't recall my tasting experience of Balvenie but maybe others will pick it out.

Overall, this is a gentle scotch, perfect for an introduction bottle.
Very much in line with Glenfiddich. Looking at the price, it is cheaper than the
the Gledfiddich, the nothing about Kininvie.