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    Re: Crown Royal Black

    CR Black is a whisky that I don't really care for, but I do like the rye spice and sweetness quality of it; so I decided to make my own vat (never tried this before, I think I read too many of Gary's posts). I decided to mix it with a bourbon I wouldn't miss on my shelf...so I was thinking corner creek or JB white label. Tried CR + Corner Creek equal parts, CR + JB equal parts, then 2 parts CR with 1 part beam and 1 part corner creek. Decided after mixing and trying small samples to use all of what I had and make the last one.

    It's different, and better than the other 3 on their own. The rye spice is less intense and better balanced. The finish is short...as I expected it would be from what I was working with.

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    Re: Crown Royal Black

    My wife is a die hard CR drinker but doesn't care for CR black. Not only is the proof different, the blend itself is different!




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