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    Re: That \"Heaven Hill Taste\"...

    Said Bobby: "When I was a lot younger than I am now I stood beside an open topped fermenter and watched as pigeons shit in the mash. Monday mornings at the distillery were when the drowned rats were fished out. I can just see someone with a snifter full trying to put their finger on that elusive flavor."

    Thanks for sharing that with us.


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    Re: but wait!

    Variety is good!! I too like a variety of Whiskey. The
    one Common Thread I notice is QUALITY I'm enjoying
    spirits now I didn't know about 5 years ago. If we weren't
    willing to try new tastes, we wouldn't need this forum.

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    Re: That \"Heaven Hill Taste\"...

    You have some interesting comments, Bobby. If I weren't burnt out by work at the end of the day, I'd think alot more about these and other good comments that are made here in Bourbonia.

    I enjoy watching the back and forth between folks on all the details and thoughts, etc. But, you know what? My job makes my analyze and think so much, when I get home, I just want to enjoy a good bourbon. I don't care how it got there, I just want it.

    Back in my high-carb days, my friend and I used to drink alot of beer. He wanted to make his own. I said, Why Hassle With It? I can buy better beer than I can make and for a whole let cost and a ton less hassle.

    After analyzing the rest of my life to death (work, computers, home theater, cars, etc.), bourbon is a welcome respite from all of that analysis.


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    Re: That \"Heaven Hill Taste\"...

    Thanks for saying that CL , I can appreciate the not analysing it so much too. I don't spend much time with tasting , I can tell if I like it or not , so I don't try to isolate flavor components too much. It looked for awhile that I got it stirred up a bit. I really meant the bullshit surrounding yeast was bullshit, The yeast itself is important,I just don't think anyones purchases are ever driven by a particular strain of yeast. Booker Noe is Justifiably proud of Jim Beams Yeast that was Cultured By Jim Beam himself. And that yeast is also at Heaven Hill. When I hear those tales of the family yeast that has survived famines, floods,and prohibition , It's a little tedious to me. When I take a sip of Stagg , I don't care if their yeast is made by a bakery, The bourbon grabs you and you know it can't get any better.
    I tend at times to obsess over things , and I have as my Grandmother identified a long time ago, a "one track mind." So when you see me going off on those tangents , that's sort of why, I'll come back around sooner or later.

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    Re: That \"Heaven Hill Taste\"...

    After finishing my 3-way Old Forester tasting, I realized just how different WR is from the other OF bourbons. They are made from the same mashbill and put into the same barrels. Granted they supposedly pick out the "honey" barrels for WR, but the biggest difference is in the aging. Louisville vs woodford county. Very distinctly different bourbons.

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    Re: That \"Heaven Hill Taste\"...

    Right On! I agree with you the factors in aging seem to me to be the most important in determining flavor. . . WR does taste noticinbly different than the other OF bourbons. Seems to me though it still has the basic charateristics that bring them together (sweet on palate, rye burst on the end), just enough to show they started out the same. Although when they bring out the new stuff, that could be shot all to hell.


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    Re: That \"Heaven Hill Taste\"...

    I'm re-opening an old thread that's about 9 months old
    due to an interesting article that was recently published
    in Whisky Magazine (a British glossy monthly that mostly
    covers scotch). The article's called "Four Roses: Kentuck Roses",
    and it's available online at

    Quoting the very entertaining BobbyC, whose post I'm replying to:

    >If yeast makes all that much difference( there is an excellent post by Jim
    >Butler about yeast and simply states that yeast is selected because of it's
    >performance, rather than it being a particular one) Why doesn't someone market
    >the same Mashbill, Age , Profile and do several , all with different yeast
    >strains? ............Yeah that's what I said , It's never going to
    >happen...........why...........because it just doesn't make a damn!

    The article quotes Jim Rutledge, Four Roses master distiller, who
    has some interesting things to say on that subject:

    "We’re still the only company that uses five different yeasts and two
    mashbills. One mashbill recipe has 60 per cent corn and 35 per cent rye.
    “There’s a heaviness in rye and a robust flavour, and our yeast takes out any
    rye bitterness and gives the bourbon a fruity character. The yeasts were chosen
    specifically to give soft, smooth flavours, like a blended whiskey. The whiskey
    ends up mellow and creamy.
    “We could actually bottle ten individual bourbons with our different yeasts
    and mashbills, but we mingle the ten to create one constant flavour.

    Wow. I never knew that about Four Roses.

    Tim Dellinger

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    Re: That \"Heaven Hill Taste\"...

    Four Roses also picks those yeast from 300 that they have.
    I guess the next goal would be to actually have a tasting of some of these different bourbons before thay are mingled.

    <font color="brown"> Good God Give Al Dimeola Some </font>



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