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    Re: What are you drinking Spring 2010?

    I've been trying different vattings, generally because the taste of the bourbons I'm buying recently do not appeal 100%. Exceptions: a rich almost custardy Knob Creek, and the Old Gran-dad 86 proof I got at Randy's recently, which has that indefinable orange marmalade taste I liked in the ND versions. These will stay as they are.

    And so to vatting.

    While initially I liked on its own VSOF 12 years old, as it sat in the bottle either it changed or I noticed things that IMO could be improved. The taste is good but the body was thinnish and the finish a little lacking. I did 3:1 this bourbon to Woodford Reserve. Generally, you add older bourbon to a larger amount of younger; here I did the reverse because it worked. The woody sappy oily WR filled out the VSOF 12, lengthened the finish and deepened the taste while retaining the malty and cherry-like notes of the latter. It's got the best of both and the oily accents of the WR, deriving I believe from its pot still element, are brought down a notch or two.

    And then I took that very smooth, sweet but a little corny Corner's Creek (current release, not the 8 year old version of years past), and added it to Maker's Mark, 3:1 Maker's to the other. What happens is the Makers gets deeper in taste, fuller and with a more integrated finish. It may sound odd that this can happen by adding a whiskey that may well be younger, but it can. I'd estimate the Corner Creek at 4 years old, maybe less, the label does not state it is straight bourbon.

    And so, I get the flavor that appeals to me.

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    Re: What are you drinking Spring 2010?

    It's been a great weekend so far. Last night I opened a Binny's Weller 12 from the bunker. Dangerous stuff, it goes down too easy.

    Tonight my wife and I went out for dinner and I had a generously poured Knob Creek with my steak. Nice combination. Returning home, she wanted to have some of her Disaronno amaretto, so I decided it was time to bring out the JPS. I swear, each pour is better than the last with this one.

    What to have for Father's Day? A dilemma I look forward to.
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    Re: What are you drinking Spring 2010?

    Blistering hot & humid today... staying indoors and enjoying some Wathens on the rocks.
    John B

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    Re: What are you drinking Spring 2010?

    I worked all day yesterday and most of the morning today which caused me to miss the shindig in Detroit and/or seeing the reigning 2x BTOTY at the Grand Am race at Mid Ohio.

    Luckily work quieted down as Fathers Day progressed and I'm catching up on the race with a nice pour of Binny's Weller 12.
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    Re: What are you drinking Spring 2010?

    Brought my dad lots of new york strips and PVW15.

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    Re: What are you drinking Spring 2010?

    For Fathers day I did some of the cooking but that's only because I wanted to smoke a couple chickens and have some ribs on the barbie. It was all good and enjoyed some afternoon drams with my dad and family. On the bar:

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    Re: What are you drinking Spring 2010?

    I had Pappy 15 before dinner yesterday and WLW 2007 and Handy 2009 after.

    Swedish lover of American whiskey



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