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    Re: Bye Bye Top Shelf Scotch

    Quote Originally Posted by unclebunk View Post
    I always wanted to get my hands on some Alberta Premium. I've read great things but I hear it's hard to find. I'm sure JamesW will be surprised by the number of quality Canadian whiskeys to be found. I still haven't tried the Forty Creek despite its cheap price tag. I just expect it to be bland for some reason but shouldn't judge until I've sampled some.
    Yeah, I probably need to give the Canadian Whiskey's another go I guess. My brother brought me a bottle of Canadian Club Classic 12 yr a few years back and it was very bland. I've always just thought of Canadian Whiskey as a mixer. I'm sure some of the premium stuff is decent. I will definitely look for the Alberta Premium while up in MTL.

    Just checked the SAQ website and looks like the Regie doesn't carry any of it. No surprise.
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    Whisk(e)y - a bargain at any price !!!



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