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Thread: What If...?

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    What If...?

    What if suddenly a person who really knows his bourbon - his NAS', ND OTs, WLW '08 and '09, Stagg in all its iterations, the up and coming Tuthilltown products, the fine single barrels, the VOBs, Makers' old and new, all the Jacks and Evans, and the whole ball of wax (no pun intended) - went to sleep for 20 years. A la Rip Van Winkle (pun intended to salute a fine bourbon name). Maybe induced by an extra-strong single barrel vintage doozy of a new release. Sleeping on and on ... after Obama is long gone from public office, after electric cars become the norm, electric railways link some of the major cities, all banking is done and bills paid by hand-held devices ... sleeping on again ... new Presidents elected ... taxes still high (well I hope not)... and then the last fumes of that monster barrel finally die away and our somnolent 2010 bourbon fan awakes in a start 20 years from now, in a ravine of Atlanta or Philly or somewhere - hankering for something to eat and a shot of - bourbon.

    He walks over to the big warehouse-style place down the corner - it looks a little different, brighter somehow, and gosh haven't fashions changed recently, I gotta keep up more with what is going on, and how come the streets are so quiet with all those cars, those retro 70's shapes have come back with a vengeance, I gotta be more up to date with what's going on. Lots of beeps and flashes in the new/old store but bourbon will still be in the corner where it always was. There's the bottles, all the good American brown whiskey.

    What will he find there?

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