Option One

Our sleepy friend goes over to his old haunt, the big mega liquor store and walks over to the big extra wide central aisle where all the bourbons have always been displayed, to find nothing but $100 bottles of vodka, though there do happen to be some $50 bottles on the lower shelf.

He continues to browse the store to find the whiskey aisle. He finally finds it, though the whiskey now shares space with rum and gin.

He recognizes a number of bottlings, though upon closer examination there are some changes he's not entirely comfortable with.

Makers, is still there in all its red waxed glory, though the proof has stayed the same at 90, it is now age stated, 36 months old.

WL Weller has a new label (again) and still has both 90 and 107 proof versions...bourbon whiskey (a blend)

It appears that the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection has been recently released as he notices George T Stagg Vanilla, William Larue Weller Cinnamon, and Eagle Rare Almond.

He continues down the aisle: Russels Reserve Honey; Knob Creek #100 9months old; Woodford Reserve Masters Collection, Now with more JIF!!!; Rittenhouse 45yo barrel dust (just add water); Frost 8/80 seems to have been reintroduced.

He finally purchases an old favorite, still unchanged, Very Old Barton 6yo 100.