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Thread: Jim Beam Rye

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    Jim Beam Rye

    To start, my jargon is not that complex, but I'm asking a question because what I taste is in contrast to a few others I know (all of them, like me, lacking an experienced palate).

    I found Jim Beam Rye to be smooth (even more smooth than JB white or JB 8 yr) with enjoyable flavors. The others (who like say Johnnie's scotch and Jack's whiskey) do not find it smooth.

    I'm wondering if I can't taste the harshness they taste becayse I simply like the taste of what they dislike.

    For example, a shot of Johnnie and Jack, will hit my gut and make me do a quick head shake. I can enjoy Johnnie and Jack, and this is not a bash on either, however, rye just does down with a pleasant buzz.

    So my question, in general, is rye considered smoother or harsher?
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