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    Re: True Confessions

    Quote Originally Posted by BBQ+Bourbon View Post
    I mixed some Weller 12 from 2000 with coke, and it was pretty good.
    That was the most expensive bourbon you ever mixed with Coke?

    I ask because that was the original question. Looking at some of the more recent posts, it appears that the dread basement effect is creeping into this thread.

    On the general topic of Bourbon and cola, there's a separate thread in this same forum, titled...(let me check)...oh, yes, Bourbon and cola.

    The most expensive bourbon I ever drank in my basement was ER 17. OMG, now I'm doing it!!!

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    Re: True Confessions

    Quote Originally Posted by CorvallisCracker View Post
    What's the most expensive Bourbon you've ever mixed with cola?..
    ...and ginger ale, et al.
    (in no particular value order, because some are hard to value, though a couple of these bottles were purchased at $150+ -- maybe even ++)
    • Pappy 20 & 23;
    • A.H. Hirsch (Michter's), various;
    • W.L. Weller BIB 7yo from the '40s;
    • Very Old Fitzgerald, distilled in the '50s;
    • numerous Antique Collection bottlings, including GTS;
    • quite a number of one-off bottlings of varied manufacture;
    • Just recently, I finished off the chardonnay-finished BTEC bottlings -- which would top a pro-rata $150 or so if available @ 750ml, and which I didn't particularly care for -- mostly in diet ginger ale;
    • just about anything and everything I've opened over the past 24 months.

    When I first boarded this 'train', I drank almost all my bourbon neat. Once I had 45-50 bottles open, I realized if I was ever going to reduce that number I'd better not be so 'purist'! Inevitably, then, it didn't take long to start realizing the joys of bourbon-and-*. And, I've long remembered and tried to emulate the advice of our host, "The Boss" Jim Butler, who always suggests using the best ingredients available for bourbon-related comestibles.
    (I'm currently finishing off my remainders from the Woodford sweet mash bottling, using diet cola tonight, some ginger ale previously.)

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    Re: True Confessions

    Quote Originally Posted by TomH View Post
    I don't do bourbon and coke (ginger ale on rare occasion), but I do use G.T. Stagg when I make bananas foster.

    And it is gooooood

    "All I want to know is who's the player on second base?"

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    Re: True Confessions

    Maker's is the most expensive bourbon that I have mixed with coke, actually it was an in store brand of diet cola.

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    Re: True Confessions

    I'm not realy a bourbon and Coke kinda guy, but I'll fess up to having tried Booker's and Coke.



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