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He may not be able to tell us. Sometimes these deals are bound by confidentiality agreements; however, I myself would surmise that the startup juice is probably Brown-Forman distillate from Early Times, distilled and aged before Mr. Henderson retired.

My only reason for speculating thus is because Lincoln Henderson is one of those distillers whose name is associated with a specific product's flavor and style. His name on the bottle almost silently screams the Old Forester mashbill, although the bottle design seems to suggest the lighter Woodford style flavor profile - especially at 90 proof.

Either way, this promises to be an outstanding bourbon. I get the impression that there will be some experimentation in the works, so we may see a whole range of mashbills, bottling proofs, finishes and whatnot.
I'm looking forward to this launch with 'bated breath.
Well a whiskey from Brown Forman during the Henderson era sound interesting Michael. I still got 2 early (one is batch 1) Woodford from his era in the bunker and I do like those better than the current.
That said I still want to know the source for sure. I know that these deals are bound by confidentiality agreements sometimes, but there is also sometimes an ill wiliness in general to put out accurate information on the labels. A good example is BIB that has the dsp number on the label by law in USA, but not on export bottles.