Thought I would take a minute to bring up to speed on Angel's Envy...

We are set to hit the shelves in Kentucky by April 1st, followed the next week by Texas, Illinois and PA, depending on how many cases we can bottle per day.

This past week has been a real challenge as we are doing the final blends for bottling. We have opted not to chill filter in order to maintain as much integrity of the raw product as possible. Dad and I have been going back and forth (sometimes enthusiastically) about the small amount of carbon treatment we are using to prevent chill flock. In my test samples (my freezer is filled with them), I have yet to get any flock of our samples proof at 86.6, so I am an avocate of no carbon treatment. On the other hand, Lincoln insists that we do a small you can guess what we have done per the expert.

On the most recent blend, we used 2.5 oz of activated carbon per 100 proof gallons. We experienced a small loss of color, but the taste remained superior. The marketer in me says the darker the better, so Dad and I have compromised with 1 oz activated carbon per 100 proof gallons, which is very light treatment (Woodford uses 6 oz, I believe). At the end of the day, it is what it is, and we have something really cool no matter where we end up.

Will update more this next week as we blend and bottle, and will answer questions when I have time.

Cheers to all, and thanks for your kind support and encouragement.