Thanks for the opportunity to clarify.

I am talking about the addition of small amounts of activated carbon to the blend at bottling proof. This method seems to be less abrasive than chill filtration. The blend is then run through a plate and frame filter to remove the activated carbon and larger particulate.

The preview sample you received was a pre-production hand blend, and was not treated with activated carbon. Since we are on the borderline for floc at 86.6 proof, a decision was made to do some light activated carbon treatment. Candidly, I am much happier with the raw character of the preview samples, hence we have made the decision to eliminate the carbon treatment and go bare-backed. The blend will be filtered for particulate.

This is the type of constructive dialogue I envisioned when making it a part of our business plan to embrace expressions and be open to evolution of the brand based upon experimentation and feedback.