"Whisk(e)y Your Way is an innovative program for those who truly
love whiskey. Imagine developing your very own brand of whiskey
and selecting each and every component that goes into it. Our
expert distiller guides you through the process of developing the
mash bill, the distillation specifics, the type of oak and level of char
for your barrel and every other aspect of whiskey creation. We will
source and procure top quality ingredients from around the world,
ensuring that the end result is worthy of the care and effort that
you put into developing your personal recipe.

If you choose to do so, you may participate in preparing the wash,
distilling and finally barreling your spirit. As it ages in the cask, you
will be able to sample it as frequently as you wish, learning how the
oak contributes to the finished whiskey.

When you are satisfied that your whiskey is sufficiently aged, we
proof, bottle and label the contents of your barrel. The end result?
You take home about 100 bottles of custom crafted, one of a kind
whiskey for around $50 per bottle. Your perfect whiskey. Whiskey
your way. "

House Spirits Distillery in Portland