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    Your $25 range best bet

    I've been reviewing some of the posts. In summary, I haven't purchased or had bourbon in a while due to financial constraints. I had Jim Beam Black last Saturday and quite frankly was disappointed. I recall how much I LOVED Buffalo Trace.

    I live in CHicago. From the posts I gather:

    Buffalo Trace
    Jim Beam Black

    I had Eagle Rare Binnys hand picked about 2 years ago and it really didn't do BT justice. I had them side by side multiple times and BT won.

    Please...I appreciate comments and opinions.

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    Re: Your $25 range best bet

    Hey new guy!
    I'm also a Chicago whiskey drinker. hope to see you at one of our occassional gatherings.

    I'd recommend Elijah Craig in the $25 a bottle range. Least expensive 12 year old out there, Weller 12 is a bit more but also very good and I'd HIGHLY recommend Binny's Weller 12 bottling if you can still find any....heck, I like it so much, I may have to get some more.
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    Re: Your $25 range best bet

    OGD 114............that is all.
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    Re: Your $25 range best bet

    Welcome New2Whiskey! Here in New Jersey, the only Weller I sometimes see is the Old Weller Antique 107, which I have enjoyed, but have not had recently (since they dropped the age statement). I wish I could try the Special Reserve or the 12yo.

    At this price range my pick is Wild Turkey 101 (avoid the 80 proof, it's just not worth it). Also WT Rye 101 is well worth a taste, if you have any inclination towards rye whiskeys.

    Makers's Mark is probably also in that range, if you haven't tried it yet. Many here would say Weller is a better wheated bourbon at the price. Knob Creek might be on sale near that price, but it's usually over $30 around me.


    edit: Almost forgot: Evan Williams Single Barrel - yes there is variation from barrel to barrel and more from year to year, so you may want to read up before you pick one up. I've never had a bad bottle of this one. Craig and Parker Beam do an impressive job at selecting these barrels.
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    Re: Your $25 range best bet

    Evan Williams Single Barrel. I second Elijah Craig.

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    Re: Your $25 range best bet

    All good suggestions from the others, but I'd go to Binny's in the South Loop and pick up two bottles of Very Old Barton for $12 each. Great whiskey at an even greater price, and on par with most of the others previously mentioned.
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    Re: Your $25 range best bet

    Hate to be a curmudgeon but in my whiskey world and I bet others here, the concept of best hardly ever applies. In this price range I've got many bests and whatever I'm going with that night is my best bet. But....in the spirit of cooperation and considering your preference for BT I'll begrudgingly narrow down a recommendation to Old Forester Signature.

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    Re: Your $25 range best bet

    I will second unclebuck's suggestion for VOB 90proof or BT.


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    Re: Your $25 range best bet

    Wild Turkey 101 for a rye bourbon and OWA 107 for a wheater.
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    Re: Your $25 range best bet

    Quote Originally Posted by barturtle View Post
    OGD 114............that is all.
    I second that timothy. Dickel 12 or a good bottle of EC 12 would be the closest.

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