Hey guys,

I'm the only bourbon drinker in a large group of 'scotchies' and have been lusting after another high quality drop to try.

Now being in the younger portion of some folk here, and living in South Australia, my experience in high quality bourbons is somewhat lacking.

This is where you guys come in. I have enjoyed Bookers, and the old ages Turkeys (not hugely to my liking), and my little brother just bought me a bottle of Blanton's to try.

Now is time for something new. I'm looking for people's recommendations on a high end bottle around the $60-90 mark.

I was looking for a PVW here, but unfortunately none of our distributors carry any of their lines at all. The only place that I could find that could deliver to me wanted $300-350 per bottle!!

Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Looking for something smooth and warm that can be enjoyed outside under the patio while it's raining with a smoke in hand