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Thread: Bardstown Lunch

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    Bardstown Lunch

    Amelia , me and BettyeJo had lunch today at El Camino's in Bardstown, It's something we try to do each month and BrendaJ joins us sometimes.( Jeff, you are welcome anytime as well, Maybe next time.) BettyeJo mentioned that she was expecting a phone call, and that it was important, If you know BettyeJo You have to figure she gets important phone calls all the time. We ate and were talking , the food was excellent. The phone rings and she answered it , talked briefly then handed it to me. I was at a loss as to who it might be , It is none other than StraightBourbon's, Jim Butler! For those of you who have yet to meet and talk with Jim you are in for a treat, really great guy. Jim created the StraightBourbon.com forum where we all meet and discuss our love for Bourbon, we can all be thankful to Jim for that. As Jim and I talked BettyeJo slid an embrodiered shirt in front of me , I was surprized to say the least, this was totally unexpected . I read on the shirt ,StraightBourbon.com Bourbonian of the Year 2003 . I think I conveyed my appreciation, but I will say it here , Thank You Jim Butler, This truly is thrilling. Thanks BettyeJo for making the shirt and helping with the surprize. Thanks to all StraightBourbonians, for reading my posts and commenting either way. It has been for the most part a fun and memorable year , may it continue and God Bless All. Our day wasn't over , we went to the Getz Museum and spent a few hours. Amelia got a tumbler, I got a copy of the Pictorial History of Bourbon by Oscar Getz. I have a fire and an overstuffed chair to help me enjoy that book. I lift a glass of Bourbon to you all. ( Knob Creek, Actually)

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    Re: Bardstown Lunch

    IMHO, the 2003 Bourbonian of the Year award could not have gone to a more deserving person than one Bobby Cox. Bobby, I say with heartfelt conviction that your spritely attitude, intellect, good humor, and playful use of the English language make my continuing visits to the forum a distinct pleasure. (Your love for bourbon, of course, doesn't hurt, either!) And thanks to founder Jim, too, for recognizing Bobby and the contributions he makes to this network of friends.

    I raise a toast (ETLee SB, tonight) to Bobby Cox! Here, here, o' honored one! 'Tis a good thing to enjoy your company!

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    Re: Bardstown Lunch

    I raise a glass to Bobby with something I know he'll be proud of... George T. Stagg!


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    Re: Bardstown Lunch

    You definitely deserve it, Bobby! It is a joy to read your comments. (Though, you could throw in a few more carriage returns now and then to use those things called paragraphs.)

    You are insightful, informed, funny, and without any spite toward others that think differently from you. Congrats.

    Oh yeah, a glass of GTS in your honor! (What else? I am staring at a bunker's stash of it here at my parents' home!)

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    Re: Bardstown Lunch

    As a new comer here I have to agree , your posts are very informitive and enjoyable , Congra's Sir .... I look forward to more of your postings ,
    bill G.

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    Re: Bardstown Lunch

    Congratulations Bobby! You earned it. I'm all out of Stagg at the moment, but I hope this glass of 20 year old Pappy Van Winkel raised in your honor will do.


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    Congrats Bobby, enjoy it because you deserve every bit of praise!

    ( I raise B'Day Bourbon to you, my friend!! )


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    Re: Bardstown Lunch


    What wonderful news! You contribute not only to the substance but to the positive spirit, which IMO is even more important to the success of this group.

    The only thing that could make this event better would be the addition of a suitable fanfare (preferably played on herald trumpets -- you know, the long straight ones) and a formal reading from a parchment scroll, complete with "Hear ye; hear ye!", a bunch of "Whereas"'s, and a "Now therefore be it proclaimed..."

    Congratulations on your much deserved honor.

    Yours truly,
    Dave Morefield

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    Re: Bardstown Lunch

    How about this!!!
    Conratulations on your well deserved recognition.


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    Re: BLLLLEEEEEE!!!!!

    Congrats Bobby!
    And thanks for making this already wonderful forum even better!
    All the best,



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