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    Question about four roses

    I have starting seeing four roses on the shelfs here in phoenix and it seems to me mentioned alot here. I am thinking of giving it a try, what are your impressions of it. Taste finish ect.

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    Re: Question about four roses

    There are lot of different bottles of Four Roses...they are all different in their own respect. Do you know which bottles that you have available?
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    Re: Question about four roses

    If you're talking about the regular Four Roses with the yellow label, its definately worth buying.

    It's very well balanced, almost fussy, with spice, candy, a bit of wood, I could go on and on. If I had to descibe it in one word, I would say "elegant".

    If you haven't noticed, I really like it. It does very well in cocktails that allow the whiskey to shine through, like a Manhattan.
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    Re: Question about four roses

    All the FR expressions are good... can't say I've ever been disappointed.

    Personally (but hey that's just me) I'd rank them in the following (best-to-last order):
    • any Mariage
    • any LE (e.g., 40th Anniversary, 120th anniversary, 2009, etc) single barrels
    • Small Batch
    • standard issue or retailer-selected single barrels
    Ranking the SmB higher will likely be controversial with many here. But I like the complexity of the extra distillations.
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    Re: Question about four roses

    The yellow label is everywhere here. And I gotta disagree with you guys. I haven't had any in a couple years, and was tempted to buy it yesterday since it was on sale for about $11. I passed on it and got the Early Times export bourbon for the same price.

    I only had that one bottle (maybe even three years ago), but I found it sweet, oily and cloying. I've never met a bourbon I couldn't drink, but I've found a lot of other similarly priced whiskies more to my taste.

    That said, it was long ago. Tastes change. Maybe I should give it another shot.



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