Well tonight I did not feel real good so I decided it was time to break out my bottle of Prepro Old Taylor 100 proof (Spiritus Frumenti) Medical Whiskey!

I got this late last summer a full quart filled in early 1933 distilled around 1917. On the box and the bottle it says it is unexcelled for medical Drinking and it sure is.
Taste notes the first thing I taste is sweet wood and caramel, then a really nice Malty Alcohol taste. It is very dark and after in your mouth for a little bit it is like eating Liquid Rye bread. If I had lived in those days it would have been my favorite Medicine.

I got it at a flee market last year for $7.00 because when I looked at it the guy said you will drink it I bet, I said sure would and he said its your for $7.00. It pours very dark and the woody flavor is so sweet and nice it is hard to believe. I wrote about this last year and tonight I thought I would talk about it again.

What a great Whiskey it is, why can't someone make a product like this strong 100 proof yet smooth as can be. Other then Our Continental Distilling Products this is one of my all time favorite whiskeys.
Dave Z
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