Came across an item I didn't recognize at DrinkUpNY and
thought I'd ask about it here - Redemption Rye.

The Redemption website doesn't have much more information
available but I did find the following information:

"On its way is Redemption Rye, which is distilled in Indiana and
comes from Dave Schmier, the same guy would produces Orange V
orange-flavored vodka. Two things you need to know about this
rye: it's distilled from 95% rye (the legal requirement if 51%) and
its bottled at 92 proof, a good notch above typical alcohol levels.
So you have a relatively hot, spicy tipple here. What's more, Schmier
plans to come out with a Barrel Strength Bottling in July, at 120-125
proof! A single barrel rye is also on the way. The price on Redemption
isn't bad: $25.99. The Barrel Strength will be $39.99."

Anyone heard anything else?