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    Glassware - Can it make a difference?

    Glassware can make all the difference in the world in the way a bourbon smells and tastes. Since smell is 90% of the taste, I will attempt to explain this. First let's start out with a tulip shape glass, such as a sherry glass, the sherry glass is probably the best one to use for nosing and tasting, but a snifter will also do (brandy glass). Let's say you are tasting 3 different bourbons and you use a different shape glass for each one. This is not the way to run tests. For instance, take the same bourbon out of the same bottle and put it in 3 different styles of glasses and let it air for 5 to 10 minutes each one will smell and taste different. The reason being they all have a variance in the way they evaporate. Now use the same 3 style of glasses and repeat the same test and they will all smell and taste exactly the same. I know a lot of bourbon drinkers, drinking partners, who say I drink the best bourbon I ever drank night before last, tried it again tonight and didn't much care for it. After asking what type of glass he was drinking out of when he liked it he told me it was his favorite snifter. The next time he tried it he was drinking out of a different vessel. So I told him to go back to the snifter and he did, and to his surprise it was as good as he remembered it the first time. So whenever you are making a comparison be sure to use the same type of glassware, because if you don't you are not going to get a fair judgement. And remember, bourbon has to air -take your time-leave it set for a while and by all means don't swirl the glass, as all you will get is the alcohol. Hold the glass 4 or 5 inches from your nose and let that wonderful aroma just float it's way up into your memory banks! I know what you are all thinking, so before you say it, try it.


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    Re: Glassware - Can it make a difference?

    And there's yet another reason to go find my Waterford balloons. One day, I will get around to it.




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