I'd meant to post this when I first saw it, but I was a bit busy at
the time. On a scotch discussion list, (It's always good to spy on
the enemy, eh?) a poll was taken concerning peoples' favorite
distilleries and products.

Perhaps the most famous scotch collector of all time, Ulf Buxrud,
replied. If you read the Malt Advocate, you might recall a cover story
concerning a tasting of "100 years of MacAllan" or some such nonsense,
drawn (If I recall correctly) from his personal collection. In that list
of his favorite scotches, he could not help but mention one non-scotch.

Was that one non-scotch a rum? An Irish? Perhaps a pretentious cognac?

Recall, this is a man who will spend hundreds of dollars on a bottle
without thinking twice about it.

No one asked for non-scotch favorites, but he volunteered it anyhow.
Among the $300 bottles of scotch, the non-scotch that he couldn't
contain his enthusiasm for was:

Van Winkle Family Reserve Rye