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On another note where do you all smoke? My wife is lenient on most items (read: everything else), but she's always had some minor breathing issues and can't stand smoke. I'd like to smoke a pipe when the mood strikes during the winter, but can't stand the cold; it's just not pleasurable if I have to be cold. Do space heaters generate enough heat to make a detached garage doable for a session? Any other suggestions?
No cigar or pipe shops in your area?

Also, to answer the OP, I work for a cigar company so I might be a little biased, but I find pipes to be a PITA. The amount of maintenance that it takes to keep a pipe running well, not to mention to keep the tobacco lit while smoking, is just too much work for me. I also typically prefer fuller bodied Nicaraguan tobaccos, so generally pipe tobaccos don't do it for me.