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    Whiskey Web Sites

    Which whiskey producer and marketer websites are good? Which ones are crap? Which ones were good at one time but are long overdue for an update? Which ones are worth a look? Which should be avoided?

    What should producers be doing online to enhance your total whiskey experience?

    I'm not talking about sites such as this one, or mine, I'm talking about the sites and other activities (such as Facebook fan pages) different companies use to sell us their whiskey.

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    Re: Whiskey Web Sites

    I like how 4Roses keeps us up to date on special events, special releases, and general goings on at the distillery. They are a class act when it comes to customer service and keeping the enthusiast engaged.

    I think the Van Winkle site could use an update.
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    Re: Whiskey Web Sites

    I like Buffalo Trace (greatbourbon.com not buffalotrace.com, this one is crap and tells you nothing about the bourbon), since they list all of their products and even have descriptions for the bottom shelf products, even though it is slightly out of date.

    Jim Beam is pretty good, I like how you can compare their products side by side. They also have a very active FB page.

    Jack Daniels leaves a lot to be desired IMHO, seeing as they are the best selling whiskey in the world you would think that it would be better. Their FB page is also very active.

    Knob Creek has a lot of activities, which is pretty cool, I like the custom label creation tool they have.

    Makers Mark is ok as is Wild Turkey.
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    Re: Whiskey Web Sites

    Buffalo Trace's site is pretty confusing IMO. Why they have this facebook-ish interface is just beyond me. The SB forums are much more effective, even if a bit primitive.

    I have to admit, I would rather have the Van Winkle website for a whskey over all of the flash and everything else that you see from the larger distillers, frankly. It tells me what their products are. It tells me their contact information. The only other thing I'd want to know is when they release their bottlings so I can stalk their delivery truck.

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    Re: Whiskey Web Sites

    I rarely go to commercial whiskey web sites. They are usually a lot of multimedia fluff that don't really say anything about the products. Well, I don't know how they are, currently, because I gave up on them years ago.

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    Re: Whiskey Web Sites

    www.bourbonaficionado.com isn't bad, although right now most of the content is on Facebook



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