I just saw in a whisky mag in Barnes & Noble that it had just won an award. It was pictured next to GTS. I think it listed WLW and a few others. So somebody must like the stuff. And that would namely be me> I almost always have a bottle of this in the house.

Here is Micheal Jasksons thoughts from Whisky Magazine #21.

Rich dried fruits. Chocolate. Sweet peppers.
Clean, rich. Cocoa. Candied orange peels. Cinnamon. Nutmeg. Very spicy. Soothing.
Lingering dry spiciness.
A hundred American proof makes for a powerful whisky, but this is big and bold in flavour, too. I don't remember it being such a sensuous whiskey. A reborn giant? I'll look for it on Rittenhouse Square next time I'm in Philadelphia.

I certainly agree.