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    Minneapolis, MN

    Hello from Minnesota!

    Nice to have found this site! I have been an avid Bourbon drinker/collector since my days as a undergrad at University of Georgia (gotta love the SEC!). Have well over 200 selections on my back bar, the most-recent addition being a bottle of Very Old Fitzgerald distilled in 1962 @ Stitzel-Weller.

    Have been in the wine & spirits' business for 30 years, having owned retail shops, wine bars, import companies and making wine in the U.S. and abroad. Managed a number of California wineries...and ended up owning my own winery (and did a bit of distilling, too) for over 12 years. Got tired of the travel, and sold off the winery in early 2009. Moved to MN with my family, and now run one of the state's largest wine & liquor wholesalers.

    Great thing about selling liquor in MN is that I have access to every Bourbon available in the state. Favorite Bourbons include Van Winkle, Stagg, Black Maple Hill, Weller and the older Hirsch bottlings. Really enjoy rye whiskey as well.

    Looking forward to learning a thing or two from this site!

    Mat Garretson
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