Hi all, I am an imbibing enthusiast living in DC.

I like bourbon, a lot... But I also enjoy other spirits, and love wine a bunch. However, I plan to explore this drink more, and using the power of the internet to learn more things and share ideas with everyone. This forum seems like a good start (so far), and I see there are also others like it..

I am currently making You Tube videos of my hobby, and plan on making a bourbon tasting as well. I did a light rum as a simple primer and made a video for that also, and plan to do the bourbon one in a similar fashion.

If you want to see them you can check them out at the links below. I also made a bourbon blueberry infusion video as well (click here to see it)

Anyway the tasting was to compose of 21 different types (so it's going to be some time to acquire some of this haul!!). It's a mix of cheap and not so cheap, and more importantly the tastings are going to be blind (just like the light rum one I did).

If you think I should taste something specific please let me know. I may already have it in my list.

Cheers!! everyone!

Imbibe Hour intro video a little about me and this project

Quick note if you want to watch the rum tasting it will take you 40 minutes, it's on my Youtube channel.

Cheers again!