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    Bourbon + Politics = Capitol Cocktails

    BourbonBlog.com gave a “State of the Union” address on whiskey recently the Beer, Bourbon & BBQ Festival in D.C. and introduced several new "Capitol Cocktails" including the "Stimulus Package, The Lobbyist, and "The Great Debate" all recipes below

    Stimulus Package

    2 oz Russell's Reserve Bourbon
    Quarter sweet vermouth
    8 Black Whole Peppercorns

    Dry stir in shaker before adding ice for 45 seconds. After dry stir, add ice and stir until frost forms on the outside of shaker. Strain into cocktail glass being careful not to remove any peppercorns. Garnish with expressed orange swath.

    The Lobbyist

    2 oz. Copper Fox Rye Whisky
    1/2 oz. Orange Bitters

    Stir ingredients over ice, strain and serve in Cocktail Glass.

    The Great Debate

    2 oz Copper Fox Rye Whisky
    2 oz. Russell's Reserve 6 Year Old Rye

    2 Tasting Glasses

    Pour in two separate Glencairn tasting glasses. Experience the “Old School” vs. “New School.” Compare, contrast and discuss the Liberal vs. Conservative. No written essay required, please just drink and enjoy.

    Cocktails recipes created by BourbonBlog.com Mixologist Stephen Dennison.

    To learn more about the Beer, Bourbon and BBQ Festival, visit beerandbourbon.com

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    Re: Bourbon + Politics = Capitol Cocktails

    Looks like I missed my chance for this, some of those cocktails look pretty interesting... may have to try one or two of them.
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