My friend and I are working hard to secure a steady supply of ORVW 10yr 107 ,,,, to this end we have have our local bottle shops order a case ,(first time they have ever heard there is other Bourbons out there ) .. This is after we have given them the distibutors name ,,,
Well after any where from 2-4 weeks of waiting the case arrives at the bottle shop one of the first thing we note is the case is from another bottler and has a ORVW label over the other bottler , is this common ? or is this something that happens at the distributor ?
We also noted that the bottles in the case came from different lots , K12xxx and L20xxx. ,,, more slight of hand at the distributors ?
Please forgive me if this sounds a bit petty , deep down we , my friend and I are just d*m greatful to get some of this fine drink here ...And continue to build steady supply line to that end ...
Bill G.