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    alcohol taxes (Re: How is Bourbon shipped ?)

    >When their tax increases actually do start to result in decreased sales, hence
    >decreased tax revenue, you never have heard so much bitching and moaning.

    There is no way that would even happen here in Illinois. If you look at the state
    legislators' campaign funds, the biggest donors are the alcohol wholesalers.
    Decreased sales would not only piss off the biggest donors, but probably
    decrease their campaign contributions as well.

    I consider wholesalers fees to be another form of alcohol taxation, but the money
    goes to campaign funds, not the general budget.

    In America, all votes are counted equally. The counting is done by
    accountants. One dollar = one vote. Hence the three tier alcohol
    distribution scheme.


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    Re: How is Bourbon shipped ?

    Bill G:
    Glad you finally found our whiskey. Our distributor in Mass. is Atlantic Distributing, and they do not always do a great job of keeping Old Rip in stock.
    Our shipping boxes should always be the same. We do cover up a DSP # on the shipper with a lable since we use another company's stock bottle. When we started with Buffalo Trace last July, they put their own sticker on the case. So that may look different from a case we bottled in Larenceburg months ago.
    The #'s on the bottles will vary of course. We switched to an "L" after we used up the "K" #'s. There is no real rhyme or reason to these numbers.
    Hope this helps.
    Thanks for you business. Let me know if you run into any more supply problems.
    Julian Van Winkle,III



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