If you have a chance to grab a copy of today's (12/20) Wall Street Journal, do so and read the story "Kenny May Wants His Hooch to Go Legit, But Will Alabama License a Moonshine?"

Up until his death in 1990, Kenny's dad, Clyde May, made 6,000 to 8,000 gallons of rye-based moonshine whiskey a year in Alabama's Bullock County. Kelly wants to legally recreate and sell Clyde's special "Christmas Whiskey," which was "aged for as long as a year in charred, white-oak barrels that gave it a rich amber color and allowed the old master moonshiner to find just the right balance between the grain's sweetness and the wood's dry vanilla and caramel flavors."

If he gets permission from the state, Kenny will have an unnamed Kentucky distiller make the first batches while he builds a legal distillery in Alabama.

--Chuck Cowdery